27 Years Of Undefeated Success

Pavan Drives is a pioneer in the manufacture and supply of Textile machine parts, Mechanical speed variator and geared motors. Pavan Drives was established in the year 1997. The company began manufacturing replacement parts for Star Volkmann, Volkmann Saurer, Oerlikon, and Savio types of Two-for-One Twister (TFO). Later the company added the products Mechanical speed variator and gear Boxes of helical and worm type.

Helical Gear Box


Textile machinery part

Textile machine parts

Mechanical speed variator

Mechanical speed variators

spare part

Spare Parts


Pavan Drives took many challenges in the Textile Industries

Quality and relaibility are the key words of Pavan Drives Products. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We provide service till the end user.

NOTE: Pavan /Urjit products are intended as replacements for worn or damaged parts in OEM products. OEM part numbers in (parenthesis) indicate either

1) Improved design

2) The part serves the same function as the OEM part, but may differ from the OEM design

3) It is a component of an assembly where no OEM reference number is available

4) It is a repair service for the referenced part

Pavan Drives and Urjit enterprises is not affiliated with Volkmann, Saurer AG, Oerlikon, Savio, Schlaforst, Belmont textile machinery