Essential Parts of Volkmann TFO Machines and Their Functions

TFO means Two-for-One twisters, usually available for variety of large textile machines.

Pavan TFO Parts are industry leaders and one of the best reputed manufacturer and supplier of high quality textile machine spare parts and components for the industry.

We manufacture replacement parts for Volkmann and Star Volkmann TFO machines. Volkmann TFO machine parts involve all types of materials like Steel, Nylon, Bakelite, ABS, Delrin, PU, Nylon with GF, steel, and aluminum castings. Volkmann TFO parts with Nylon and ABS Delrin are Multiple tension devices, flyers, adopters, and cover discs. Volkmann TFO parts made of PU are Red Bushing and intermediate pillow bearing.  Belt guide rollers of Volkmann TFO parts of the 3rd and 4th generation are made of Bakelite and 6th generation rollers are made of Nylon glass-filled material. With spindles, pots, gears, and sprockets, the structure of the machine is Steel.

Critical parts of Volkmann TFO machines like spindles, Bolsters, and Protection pots are manufactured by us. In 3rd and 4th generation Volkmann TFO machines, bolsters mean spindle lower part which was separate now in 5th and 6th gen machines bolsters are inbuilt and are with ball bearings. We manufacture Spindles of all generation for Volkmann TFO machines and are dynamically balanced and supplied. With this the Volkmann TFO machine runs with no vibration and a higher speed can be achieved.

We also manufacture the most essential part, the capsule of the Volkmann TFO machine. Capsules of all types like Mushroom, Plane, Ball Mushroom, and top and bottom separate capsules are manufactured in-house.

Pre-take-up disks with Chrome plating, Plasma coating with 24 and 31 teeth, and ball type are also made in-house. Cradle assembly of star and Volkmann TFO machines are also manufactured of aluminum material and Sheet metal material. Cradle assembly of 3rd Generation, overhanging cradle, 5th and 6th gen sheet metal cradles of all generations are manufactured at our plant.

In the gearbox section of the Volkmann TFO Machine, we manufacture all types of change gears, Sprockets, Timer gears, change gear tensioning assemblies, and change gear stud assemblies. We manufacture the most critical part S and Z assembly. Also, we manufacture timer belt tension pulleys in graded aluminum.

In Volkmann TFO machines parallel winded yarn is a feed package and it gets twisted and the product is knotless yarn and wounded on the take-up package. The yarn used may be Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Wool, or any blend. The yarn twisted is highly abrasive, and because of this many of the parts get worn out. We manufacture the parts of the Volkmann TFO machine of better quality and the material used is on par with the OEM to take care of this abrasiveness of yarn.

There are many sub-sections in the Volkmann TFO machine. Gearbox section, motor section, spindle section, cradle section, stop motion section, braking system.

In a manually operated Volkman TFO machine all the sections are manually operated and need more skilled labor per machine. In a new generation machine, all the sections are operated through electronics, Pneumatics, and hydraulics, hence need not require much skilled labor. We manufacture Pneumatic valves for yarn piecing and spindle braking. We also manufacture pneumatic valves for cradle lifting and the stop motion section of the Volkmann TFO machine. In the third and fourth generation Volkmann TFO machines Power consumption was more, there was a 50 HP electric motor for 144 spindle machines. Now for the 5th and 6th gen machines, only a 40HP motor is used for 200 spindle machines. In 5th and 6th generation machines weight of the spindle is drastically reduced, most of the parts are of plastic and sheet metal. 

With this power consumption is controlled and drastically reduced. We manufacture all such delicate parts of the Volkmann machine adding to power consumption advantage.

We at Pavan TFO Parts, supply Volkman TFO Parts to a massive customer base in India, backed by a team of highly engaged professionals cater to wide applications and customized as per the need from the clients

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