How to choose the Right TFO parts for Textile machinery

The normal way of choosing right TFO parts is with its part number and position number. Though most of the TFO parts construction remains same but the part number and position number changes in case of Volkmann, Oerlikon and Saurer Machines. In such cases to choose Right TFO part one should have catalogue pages of all the above manufacturer.

TFO machines are designed to handle different materials at varying counts and twists per inch (TPI). This variability means that there might be slight changes in the construction of TFO parts. For instance:

  • Processing fine cotton versus coarse wool may require different component specifications.
  • High twist applications versus low twist applications can also necessitate different parts.

When choosing parts, consider the specific material and operational parameters your machine will handle. As there are different variants like processing different material at different count and tpi range. There will be slight change in the construction of TFO parts. In such cases choosing the Right TFO parts is through images of the TFO parts.

Based on Year of manufacturing, Model, and generation, the right TFO parts are also chosen.

The right TFO parts also depend on the machines.  Older models may have different part requirements compared to newer ones. Each new generation might introduce modifications or improvements in part designs.

Volkmann, Saurer, Oerlikon, Savio. Given the diversity of these machines, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of their design and operational specifics. Consulting with a specialist or using detailed catalogues can aid in selecting the appropriate parts. Volkmann, Saurer, Oerlikon and Savio machines cover wide count range, hence are chosen by many mills worldwide. To manufacture and supply  the replacement TFO parts for these machines require the critical know how, the critical function of TFO parts and the critical Dimensions of the TFO parts. Pavan TFO parts involve 30 years of rich experience of above all.


Selecting the right TFO parts involves a detailed understanding of part numbers, position numbers, material variants, and the specific requirements of different machine models and generations. Using catalogue pages for precise identification, images for visual confirmation, and leveraging expert knowledge ensures the right parts are chosen, there by maintaining the efficiency and longevity of the textile machinery. Whether dealing with Volkmann, Saurer, Oerlikon, or Savio machines, having a reliable partner like Pavan TFO parts can make a significant difference in achieving optimal performance.

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